Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long Term Search Engine Optimization

I will be adding long term search engine optimization services within the next week or whenever my 4 month old allows me to take some time out to get the information added to the website.

What to Expect with Long Term SEO:

6 Months worth of SEO for your website that includes:

  • Link Building of Course
  • Monthly Maintenance: removing keywords that were once popular search phrases but are no longer searched for as much maybe due to seasons, holidays etc.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): I will help you out with different techniques to increase your traffic. This is important because SEO and SEM are part of the same family but are two different services IMO. SEO brings traffic to your site but you need some SEM to get that traffic converted into sales.
  • Keyword Research: I will find profitable keywords for your choosen niche. Keywords that are searched for on a large scale each month.
  • Content Writing throughout your site.
  • Category work (choosing the right categories for your niche)
  • Product suggestion: Finding products that are profitable for your field you have choosen.
  • Updating or creating new landing pages that will be engaging to your visitors.

There are more benefits to this service of course that will be listed on the site.

My question is to you! What do you think is a reasonable fee for 6 months worth of SEO.

My services are geared toward small businesses. I like to ask small business owners opinions when it comes to prices and what you as a small business owner would be able to afford.

and of course although I will take into consideration all suggestion they must be reasonable suggestions. What's reasonable and what's not under 200.00 not too reasonable at all, over 500.00 definitely reasonable and considerate for the time it takes to dedicate attention to each feature of the package.

Looking forward to hear your suggestions!