Monday, January 21, 2013


Readers may notice I have slowed down on this and my two other blogs. Being seriously ill, I need to devote my remaining energies to paid work. But this blog contains a great many resources that I hope will continue to be useful, and I will continue to write occasionally as circumstances permit. Information on my two books on education can be found via the left-hand column. Information on the new Tolkien book will be found below. For other announcements please go to the Second Spring main site.

Friday, January 18, 2013

First Colombian Presidency live Conference on Youtube - 18 Jan 2013

Primer Google Hangout On Air con el Presidente Juan Manuel Santos


  • Guest speakers were clear, engaging and inspirational. Congratulations to them!
  • Moderator was successful at leading the conversations.


  • Offer clear instructions where the "live" conference will be held. It was not clear and many Google+ participants were not sure whether the "live" conference was on Google+ or over Youtube or at the official Colombian Presidency website.
  • Ensure viewers are invited to a unique/single url. The Google Hangout description added more than one url creating confusion. 
  • Starts conference on time. Colombian Presidency should lead by example. 
  • Ensure live speaker is featured on the main Youtube screen. Many occasions, users were prompted with the moderator playing with her hair while guest speaker was talking on the background.
  • The Youtube "Description" tab can be filled in with useful, topical and relevant information. It was empty at the "live" time.
  • Avoid repetitions when talking (time 49:56) 
  • Improve conference closing remarks: Ensure, viewers are invited to the next Conference with specific time and date, offer information ( specially to entrepreneurs) on where they can find more support. Closing remarks can include inviting viewers to follow more news and Conference invites by following the Presidency social media channels.
  • Be consistent with the official set ups and backgrounds. Moderator background did not feel viewers were actually watching an official Colombian Presidency conference while the President background included the Colombian flag.
  • Ensure you Close the conference. Avoiding "Que te pareció Juan Manuel" and laughs on the background. (Time: 50:38)
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