Thursday, March 25, 2010

Want Your Products in Google Shopping? You need to verify your website!

Good Morning Everyone,

While working on a couple of websites this morning and getting their Google Base/Froogle feeds ready to upload. I encountered an IMPORTANT message from Google when I logged in to their accounts.

If you don't verify your website by a certain date, you will no longer be able to upload your products to their shopping portal!

If you are already familiar with Google Base then you know the negative impact this could have on your sales. If you are not familiar with Google Base yet, Google Base is a great option to upload your products to their free shopping portal that shows up on their search results pages. The shopping portal has many names: Froogle/ Google Base/ Google Product Search / Google Shopping.

It's a great benefit for ecommerce shop owners and something that you definitely don't want to not have access too.

Well guess what!

You won't have access to this great Google feature if you don't verify your website with Google by May 18,2010.

Here's a little excerpt from Google about this important notification:

"Verifying and claiming the website URL in your Merchant Center account is a new requirement. To make this transition easier, we have allowed eight weeks for you to complete this process. If you haven't verified and claimed your website URL by May 18, 2010, your existing and newly uploaded product listings will get disapproved until you verify your site."

It's important to claim your site but there are some ways that you can lose your claim on your url as well.

Here are some ways that they list how you can lose your claim of your website:

  • If another authorized owner of the website in question successfully verifies and claims the website URL, you will lose the claim. If you lose a claim, you will be notified by email and can choose to either verify and claim a different URL or contact us to try and resolve the situation for you.
  • If you lose your 'verified' status in Google Webmaster Tools, you will lose the claim. You can lose the 'verified' status because the identifying Meta tag or HTML file has been removed from the website. If you've lost your 'verified' status in Google Webmaster tools, you will need to verify and claim your website URL again.
  • If you choose to verify and claim a different URL in Google Merchant Center, you will lose the claim for your previously verified and claimed website URL.

Now, I don't want you to break into a sweet just yet. All you have to do to ensure that you can still upload your products to Google Base is to make sure you verify your website url in your Google's Webmaster Tools account and follow all of the steps mentioned in the link at the bottom of this post.

If you don't have a Google Webmaster Tools account, you can sign up for one for free at the link below.

Once you sign up for a free account. Enter in your website address. I suggest entering in your website address with and without the www's for example :

Google has listed a lot of examples of the type of urls that you need to claim in the link I have provided below.

You have the option of either inserting a meta tag code that they will provide you with to add to before the section of your coding.


You can choose to upload a html file into the root folder of your site.

You can upload a file by saving the file they provide you with onto your desktop. Then login to your cpanel, backoffice, file manager, or FTP account and upload the file to your public_html folder of your site or the "root" of your website.

Need Help Verifying your Google account? No problem. We can help.

Click on the link below to get your site verified with no stress:

Verify Your Google Account

To read more about verifying your website with Google, click on the link below:

Verify your site with Google

Carla Phillips