Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sydney Marketers! - Instagram free photos and free images can now be embedded on any website!

NEW - Instagram photos and videos can now be embedded!
As per photo example above, marketers can bring their photos and video content into their website and blogs using the new Instragram embed functionality released yesterday.
Please note that if you use Tumblr blogging platform, it will just work when using the "Video" option. Tip: Within the "video" option of Tumblr you can still embed Instragram photos :)
What this means?
Marketers and website owners who already promote their brands on Instagram can bring their Instragram photos and videos to their existing and new articles, pages using the new Instagram embed functionality.
Why Marketers should?
By embedding your brand's Instagram photos or videos into your new articles or pages within your website, you get the below benefits:
  • Saves you time! if you have a decent website Content Management System that allows for easy embedding, it will just take a couple of seconds to embed content.
  • Make your articles more visually attractive! More photo and video content on your articles means more user engagement.
  • More Instagram followers! People who visit your pages, articles that show cast your Insta photos, they might also start following you on Instagram. 
Remember: If your Instagram posts are not set as "Private"; anyone can also embed your Instagram content on their own websites. At this stage i cannot see ( please correct me if I am wrong) Instagram has built functionality to report back to users the exact location (URL) a specific photo or video has been embedded so you can monitor whether your Instagram photos/videos have been embedded on "appropriate" websites. You might want possibly Competitors using your cool photos or some "inapropriate" sites exhibiting your photos on their websites.

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