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Website Project Brief - Free Template by eDigital

Website Project Brief - Free Template

Filling the below Free Template will help your "Parrot" Digital Agency, Website Developer or SEO Consultant to understand what you brand is, your customers and what you want to achieve.
Brand/Product :       Campaign :
Prepared By :     Date :
Creative Agency Contact :
Media Agency Contact :
What is the background?
What is the brand eseence, personality, unique value proposition and category history?
What are your strategic objectives?
  • What is the contribution to the overall business? What is the role of the brand in the portfolio?
  • If building a new website, what are the traffic acquisition and retention objectives?
What is your key business objective?
  • What is the single thing we should we focus on? How will this be measured? What is the desired timeframe for delivery?
What are the trade expectations?
  • What is their key objective? How is this measured? Who are they targeting?
What are the communication objectives?
  • What should the campaign deliver? How will this be measured?
What are the issues facing the category/brand?
  • What do we need to take into account? What’s the current competitive landscape?
Who is the target audience?
  • Who currently uses the website? Specify consumer segments.
What are the consumer insights?
  • What do we know about the consumers?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Why are/aren’t they using our site?
What is the brand communication proposition?
  • What is the proposed brand positioning? What are the supporting pillars?
  • What underpins this?
What is the desired consumer action?
Why should they respond in this way?
  • What are the rational reasons for this response?
Are there going to be any product changes?
Are there any regional considerations?
  • Metro vs Regional? State vs State?
Are there any seasonal considerations?
  • How does the traffic fluctuate? What are the key occasions/timings to communicate?
What research has been conducted which could be relevant?
What are the mandatories?
What must the campaign include?
  • e.g. must include certain media channel, specific creative etc.
What are the key deliverables?
  • What are your expectations from each response?
  • What must be covered off?
  • Media:
  • Creative:
What are the key timings for response?
  • Initial Response (media & creative)
  • Final Sign off (media & creative)
What are the key campaign timings?
What’s the launch date? Is this confirmed? What’s the ideal campaign duration?
Any additional info that might help creative/media and development
What is the budget?
Media $
Creative/Production $
Promotion $ ————————- already covered.
Total Budget: $

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Mauricio Escobar Mármol (BBsMn & MCom) is eDigital Sydney SEO Consultant, Social and Digital Media Specialist. Mauricio posses over 10 years experience helping companies to earn new customers and prolong customer lifetime value by effective execution of structured Digital Marketing strategies and executions. Mauricio worked as Digital Marketing Manager for some of Australia's most visited websites. Mauricio expertise focuses on Website Optimisation, Social Media, SEO/Networks Acquisition Strategies (SEO, SEM, Affiliates, Display) and vendor reviews.