Sunday, August 11, 2013

No-one watching David Jones' Digital Display Windows - Sydney

David Jones Digital Display windows - Sydney CBD Australia August 2013

David Jones Digital Windows at Sydney CBD store. Midday when all office workers are out for lunch. No-one watching, no-one engaged.

Do you use digital windows to bring traffic into your store? Are you using the right messaging at the right time?
    Below are some very well executed interactive window displays around the world that have taken our attention.

    • What about this? You can try glasses even before stepping inside the store. Bloomingdales, New York City, USA.

    • Bloomingdales, New York City

      • My Favourite: Hyper Island Students created - Interactive Display Window

        PD: Below is a massive (size) well executed in-store digital window I spotted this year in Miami. Store: H&M, South Beach. It was impossible not to have a look at it as the store design is around this digital piece.

        H & M Store, South Beach, Miami Beach - February 2013