Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why there is NO "DISLIKE" option on Facebook!

I do not know why! - Weekend coffee break -  Random thoughts

My Hypothesis:
  • Mark Zuckerberg parents did allow poor Mark to express "Dislikes"
  • Wrongly thinking that allowing for "Dislikes" will not create more Facebook connections and engagement.
  • Mark Zuckerberg massive fear to get "Dislikes" on his boring status updates.
  • "Dislike" in American culture is not acceptable.
Would you "Dislike" the couple above and "Like" the couple below? Or do we have to like everything shown up on Facebook feeds, status updates and comments?

Wake up Facebook! and get into the real world where we possibly comment equally on the things/people and activity that we do not really like in order to make it better or to avoid them.

Not having a "Dislike" option on Facebook status updates/posts is like always buying a Chilli that is not spicy! 

Facebook: Stop taking the spicy out! and get real!

and yes, we know there are some Firefox and Chrome extensions that allow you to add a 'Dislike" button but they come with adware and stuff that possibly you do not want.